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Selftest Excessive Gaming

If you ask yourself whether you have control of your computer game behaviour, or if you are at risk of developing a problematic behaviour, complete the following test:

Please answer the following questions with "yes" or "no" and count the questions answered with "yes".

1. Do you always have to play computer games or online games in order to achieve the desired thrill or be sufficiently satisfied?

2. Are you always mentally busy with computer games or online games (thinking about the game even when not playing, e.g., planning the next game)?

3. Do you feel restless or irritable when you try to restrict your computer or online games?

4. Have you lied to friends or family members about the extent of your computer or online game behaviour, or have you tried to hide it from them?

5. Have you ever been unsuccessful controling your computer or online games, restrict them or give them up completely?

6. Do you use computer or online games as a way to escape from problems or negative feelings such as helplessness, guilt, fear or depression?

7. Have you slight someone, lost friendships or partnerships due to your computer or online game?

8. Have you endangered your workplace, school, training or career opportunities due to your computer or online playing?

9. Do you feel like you could have a problem with computer or online games?

10. Have you been criticized by family members or friends for your computer or online game behaviour or are they worried that you are playing too much?

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If you have not answered a question with "yes" ...

Your gaming behaviour is not problematic und so far you don´t have negative consequences in your life. If you regulary use online gaming be aware of your gaming behaviour so that gaming remain a leisure activity.

If you answered 1-3 questions with "yes"

Your gaming behaviour is already in associated with negative consequences. If you game often you should think about your gaming behaviour. Pay attention conciously how often and in which situations you use gaming offers. You are welcome to make use of our hotline (030 450 617 333).

If you answered more than 3 questions with "yes"

Your gaming behaviour is associated with serious negative consequences. You may have already lost control of your gaming behaviour. We recommend you to make use of professional consultation or help. If you would like to have a personal consultation or to get information on regional support and therapy programs please contact our hotline service (030 450 617 333).