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Selftest pathological gambling

If you ask yourself whether you have control of your gambling behaviour, or if you are at risk of developing a problematic behaviour, do the following test:

Please answer the following questions with "yes" or "no" and count the questions answered with "yes".

1. Have you ever used more money than you could really afford to lose?

2. Did you have to stake higher amounts to receive the desired kick or excitement in the last year?

3. Did you tried often to win back your money on the next day?

4. Did you borrow money or did you sell something to afford gambling?

5. Do you have the Feeling that you have a Problem with using games of luck?

6. Did gambling behaviour lead to health Problems including stress, depressiveness or increased anxiety?

7. Did somebody criticized you because of your gambling behaviour or told you, that you have a Problem with gambling apart from what you ar thinking

8. Did your gambling behaviour lead to financial problems?

9. Did you felt guilty because of you gambling behaviour?

10. Have you lied to dependents or friends about the degree of your gambling behaviour or did you hide gambling?

11. Did you ever tried unsuccessfully to restrict or stop gambling?    


If you have not answered a question with "yes"

Your gambling behaviour is not problematic und so far you don´t have negative consequences in your life. If you regulary use games of luck be aware of your gambling behaviour so that gambling remains a leisure activity.  

If you answered 1-3 question with "yes"

Your gambling behaviour is already associated with negative consequences. If you often are gambling you should give thought to your gambling behaviour. Pay attention conciously how often and in which situations you are gambling. You are welcome to make use of our hotline (030 450 617 333).

If you answered mor than 3 questions with "yes"

Your gambling behaviour is associated with serious negative consequences for you and perhaps for your dependents. You may have already lost control of your gambling behaviour. We recommend you to make use of professional consultation or help. If you would like to have a personal consultation or to get information on regional support and therapy programs please contact our hotline service (030 450 617 333).